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Tools to Differentiated Instruction

Differentiation is the art of meeting studdents, as an individual learner, where they are academically. How, by providing opportunities for them to learn at their current ability and grow them where they need to be gradually. This occurs when we use tools such as Choice Boards and Learning Mats.


Preparing to Differentiated Instruction: first select a Choice Board and/or Learning Mats, hand-outs and manipulatives that support the skill you want students to master:

  1. Once all needed resources (paper, hand outs, markers, scissors, manipulatives etc.,) are gathered place them in a bag (zip locs, are my favorite), basket or box, in a location accessible to all students. 

  2. Model for students how the lessons are to be done. DO NOT give deficit assignments, but assignments that students can do independently. Deficit assignments are for Small Group Instruction.

  3. Provide them with a tool to record their outcomes, and PLEASE review their work and give feedback during small group instruction.

  4. Setting the timer: The time is revolving. For example, if the Choice Boards are used three days a week for 20 minutes each day that = 60 minutes of independent learning at their own pace to master a skill.

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