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School Uniform

Wearing the School Uniform, daily, is a big part of Challenge School Culture. Our school colors are burgundy, royal blue, grey and White. Our school uniforms reflect who we are as a school. Students can wear the following combination of colors : navy blue, burgundy/maroon, grey & white. Please no tan or black attire. Jackets should reflect school colors and are appropriate for school. Jeans are worn only on Fridays😊.

Go to Parent Portal to access CPA Uniform Stores.

When purchasing your child's uniform attire, include the following:


All Girls - 1 pleated "navy blue" skirt, 1 burgundy cardigan sweater, 1 long sleeve white oxford blouse, one pair of Jeffries navy blue socks: cable knit knee highs

All Boys - 1 pair of grey dress slacks, one burgundy vest, 1 long sleeve white oxford shirt, and on pair of Jeffries navy blue socks.

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