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"Something is Always CLiCing @ Challenge"

Register today for

Cyber Literacy Connection

Afterschool Program

Monday & Wednesday @ 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm for

 4th-6th Graders  Only

Tuesday & Thursday @ 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm for

7th - 9th Graders  Only


September 13, 2021

$150.00  every two weeks 

Limited to 15 Students per class


Includes: digital workbook, camp badge & bracelet (will be mailed to students), and access CISCO Global Problem Solvers  & NetACad virtual classrooms.

                                                            Program Objectives

  • This is a beginner level course that prepares students for crucial roles in cyber-security fields.

  • Students will be exposed to cyber safety, ethics, careers and hacking tools and techniques and learn how to mitigate and prevent cyber attacks.

  • Coding, a skill that every programmer and cyber security expert needs to know.

  • This course includes interactive activities that will build students’ knowledge base about real-world cyber-attacks: reading informational text, completing hands on tasks, and opportunities to develop corporate learning, team building and problem base learning skills.

  • Highlights of this course will include a Red Team vs Blue Team class exercise that pits hackers against network defenders.

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