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What We Do at

Challenge Preparatory Academy 

Our Instructional Program

What standards does Challenge use?

We use Georgia Standards of Excellence.

Standards-Based & Data Driven Instruction

Our instruction is determined by ongoing authentic academic diagnostic - Once we know what our students don't know, but need to know, we develop individualized and small group instruction to meet their academic needs,

 as well as provide enrichment to stretch our students.

How does Challenge close academic gaps in learning if my child is behind?

Teachers Loop with Students.


Our teachers loop from 5th grade to 6th grade with students

Looping is a research-based instructional practice

Looping ensures continuity in learning, and this is how we close academic gaps.  When teachers loop with our students, we know which skills to target and what standards our students have mastered, which allows teachers to excel students' learning experiences.


What is unique about the instructional program that is not at other schools?

CLiC (Cyber Literacy Classes) is Challenge's Signature Program


Yes, we will immerse our students in STEM!

What we add is our CLiC classes to teach our students Cyber Literacy.

At Challenge students learn about and use technology daily as a regular core subject.  While learning, they have multiple opportunities

to explore and create, as well as become community,

world and universal problem-solvers.

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