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Oh No! Here We Go Again

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

We are off to the race, again. To the dreaded Distant Learning, Virtual Learning, Asymmetric Distance Learning for Unsupervised Video or Learning From Home (that's really catchy)! Unlike most professions, the education profession is infamous for rebranding and renaming the same old thing that we never got all the training and resources to do in the first place. In the words of Salt-N-Pepa, "Am I right, fellas? Tell the truth Or else I'm-a have to show and prove You are what you are," Online Learning, that is- learning online that many of us did when we took our education classes.

For years we have been poked, pushed and prodded to use technology in the classroom - "oops" should not have said that, but it is true that many of us didn't (why not is a different blog). What we are faced with now is that our reality has met our past. In the past we were never forced to do it like we have to now. The future, we still won't without understanding it, while being patient with ourselves long enough to muster up the wherewithal to use technology because, let's be honest, we need to. Getting there will require confidence that you can master this part of your craft (pedagogy), by demanding of yourself a desire to meet them (your students) where they are right now, which is not in school. But in your home, from your sofa with your device.

SOLUTION (I'll always have one, before I get on my Soap Box): Just getting to this page reveals your acceptance of your own wherewithal, and from the words of Dr. Frasier Krane, "I'm Listening" - meet with me, ask your questions, and we will put our hands to the plough- through modeling, coaching, supporting and encouragement while mastering the task of "Online Learning" . Click to register

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