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Challenge Preparatory Academy

 is a nonprofit private school located at

1948 Ellis Street in Augusta, Georgia. 

We are a school of choice established

to meet the demand to support parents’

differing beliefs about how their children

should be educated.  We are accredited

by Georgia Accrediting Commision (GAC).


We are an Academy for learning because our school environment is designed to prepare our students for higher learning institutions. We believe that instilling leadership now will inspire our students to pursue leadership roles in the future.  We are a Preparatory school created to provide our students with academic rigor so that they are prepared to excel in college and careers

within the cybersecurity and STEM communities.  
Education Philosophy and approach to learning is to engage students in a constructivist approach. This approach will be rooted in hands on, interactive, performance-based, and engaging learning in every classroom.

Our Vision for our students & commitment to it, is to daily function as a high quality Experiencing in Learning School rooted in our belief and evident in our action that academic growth begins while experiencing learning.